About us

The Brooklyn Fashion Collective is an avant-garde fashion powerhouse of raw talent, promoting street-credibile styles for true urban natives. 


Breaking the Grid

To create the new faces of fashion


Digital mayhem for inspired souls...

Drawing inspirarion from the edgy, non-conformist talent housed at the Brooklyn Fashion Collective, Agency-R created a new kind of digital catalogue experience, free of the usual constraints of traditional UiUx design. With a smart algorithm that repurposes content in novel and unexpected ways, the user can navigate, browse and buy products through a natural but organic experience, tailored to their likes, whims or previous browsing history.


Non-linear, smart algorithm

The crafty catalogue

Serving up the latest fashions in an infinitely customisable format required close collaboration between the backend developers and the front-end designers to deliver an authentic brand experience in digital format.


Brand Naming
App Design
User Experience


New York


Brooklyn FC (Brooklyn Fashion Collective)

Selected Works

Soco de Piri-PiriPackaging Design

SKATE-WILDEProduct and Brand Design

Signs of Spring 2022Exhibition Design

Hamilton Equestrian ClubUiUx Corporate Design

Altura SpainCampaign Design

Munari 2021Exhibition Design

TRACEY COVID-19 TRACKERMedical Corporate Design

Bō - Art of BonsaiBrand Strategy & Visual Design

Julia Chanourdie IFSCSports Branding

Air New Zealand BrandingCorporate Design

SIGFOXCorporate Design

2020 Surf FinalsUi Ux Design

Gold Tap Brewery - DublinBranding & Packaging

Sk8 with KateRetail Brand Design

SpaceX EditorialInformation Design

Re:CraftCorporate Branding

Orchestre NationalInstitutional Branding

‹CREED›Brand Experience Design

StreetHeart NativesDigital Experience Design

Experimental3D and Type Explorations

UiUx DesignDigital Branding Design

Tourism AustraliaCampaign Design

Figures3D Experiments

Custom TypographyStudio Design Originals

Kinetic TypographyExperimental

Our ApproachBrand Design Agency