Probably not the most obvious starting point to have a serious conversation about starting a food and beverage empire. But as a key ingredient in Jungle Juice's extensive menu of delicious smoothies, it makes for one heck of a topic when it comes to designing an impactful brand.

Colourful & flavourful....fruity, fragrant, fun!

All the ingredients at the core of Jungle Juice's dynamic brand are reflected in their boutique "Refreshment Centre" - a veritable feast for the eyes and your tastebuds alike.

Agency-R embarked on this exciting adventure to bring the outdoors in, and the flavour to the streets of Manhattan, with bespoke interior designs and bold branding. This is Jungle Juice's story... 


Cargo Sans

Taking inspiration from rustic sackcloth and stencilled crates, Jungle Juice's bespoke font is bold and full of character.

jungle juice

Is it a Frog or a Monkey?

Funky Monkey

The simplicity and friendly roundness of Jungle Juice's mascot traces its origins to their signature range of smoothies made with fresh bananas from sustainable plantations but also deliberately morphs into a frog to represent one of the endangered species that the Jungle Juice Foundation actively supports through its Amazonian Awareness campaign.


Pure? Sure!

Sustainably sourced organic ingredients leave no space in the kitchen for additives or preservatives. 
Your juice is prepared right in front of your eyes using responsably sourced fruit and vegetables. Our "No Monkey Business®" scheme reinvests 10% of global profits to support local farmers and develop plantations in developing countries.

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