What can you do to rise above the noise as a hip and trendy lifestyle brand? Emulate the competition? Or get low down and dirty and launch your offer with a sharp-witted alternative, filled with talented artwork, honest quality and a home-grown feel.

We’ve been skating with Catherine (their CEO) for many years. Now it’s time for the world to “Sk8 with Kate”. Seriously fun, with scars to prove it. Here are some samples of our 2018 Limited Edition Series available at select stations and parks around the country.

Skateboard Mock-up Template ii copy




SK8 with Kate is a premium lifestyle brand dedicated to skating, surfing, skiing and snowboarding. Our custom-made, limited edition products are adorned with bespoke graphics, unique collaborations and rare artwork. This makes them the envy of parks, slopes and beaches around the globe. But we’re not fussy or snooty. There are no exclusive clubs here. Just good times, beers and barbecues. Oh. And some damn fine posing in the snow as soon as winter rolls around again.

Agency-R is a long-term collaborator of “SK8 with Kate”, assisting them with events promotions in Aotearoa and beyond. They were instrumental in hand-crafting a seriously cool identity for the Eastern Bays Skate Park and its subsequent nationwide franchise. Agency-R are true skaters at heart, and they have now mastered the gritty world of Global Branding and Design, helping to propel all kinds of ambitious brands on the international circuit.


Sk8 with Kate and Agency-R: Authentic Skills and plenty of thrills. Watch out for our new Limited Edition European series coming in 2019.