A selection from our 2017 award-winning Not For Profit campaign entitled “Crisis? What Crisis?” and our first collaboration with a major NGO.

This campaign was used to highlight the refugee crisis and challenge the media’s hypocrisy and reluctance to cover it adequately during the summer months, despite it seemingly being “a matter of concern” to them at all other times.


Artwork was rendered in a simple silhouette style and made to look like it had been assembled with clip-art to build opposite sides of the story. Provocative copy and barbed-wire elements were used to set a threshold of discomfort and invite the reader to engage with the subject rather than dwell in the comfort zone we call apathy.

This campaign was also submitted to the Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) International Poster Competition, which took place at the Lighthouse in Glasgow, October 2017.

Full resolution .pdfs can be downloaded here for free:

Refugee Tower_AgencyR

Refugee Beach_AgencyR


Creative Director: Nigel Reyes
Illustration: Agency-R “B Team”
Pre-press: Agency-R and Arm-A-Geddon
Distribution: Agency-R and Red Cross (Worldwide)