Beer, shoes, baps or baseball bats. We’ve worked on Packaging and Labels for some of the finest brands out there. Whether you need a full identity for your coffee shop, new sandwich range, fantastic technological gadget or hand-crafted cosmetics, contact Agency-R today and see how we bring out the best in your brand for everyone to love and appreciate.

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Creative and compliant. Packaging is an important vehicle for your brand. Depending on the market you are addressing, it also has to conform to numerous standards. Our focus is on textures, materials, artwork and effective design so that your product stands out for all the right reasons.


The dynamic world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged goods (CPG) helps you to form vital connections with your customers at the point of sale.  Whether you are striving for shelf-space at your local retailer or launching an online brand, Agency-R translates your brand’s ambitions into a compliant and eye-catching format to help you connect with your customers at all stages of the purchasing process. From shipping labels to final container artwork.