New Book Coming Soon – Q4 2017

We’ve always loved print, and so have our customers. While a lot of our knowledge is accumulated through our digital selves, we felt it was about time that we handed some of this back using the tried and tested analogue media that we grew up with – books!

Drawing on over twenty-two years of experience in the field, Nigel Reyes delivers a straight-up, no-nonsense guide to Branding: Agency-R The Brand Handbook

Agency-R – The Brand Handbook is an inspirational reference and a quintessential review of how we brand today. Products, Services, Entities, Governments, Associations and Countries …they are all given the necessary treatment to reveal their secrets.

Can you afford to do business without it?


Agency R – the new kind of kid on the block

Agency-R is an independent Brand Consultancy working with clients across the globe in the pursuit of branding success. Our experienced team adapts to your needs, offering you an agile pathway to develop, deploy and monitor your brand.

Drawing on the combined expertise and experience of working with clients in the Asia-Pacific region, the UK, USA and numerous European countries, Agency R is able to offer you fresh insights, craft the right strategy and put your Brand in motion.

Agency R – Quality, Reliability, Visibility and Service.

Expansion of Client Services

Knowing where you are in terms of planning and the completion of your branding project is essential to your operations. We have recently expanded our in-house capability to deliver regular, timely progress reports.

We are proud to welcome Liz to the Agency-R team as she takes control of our Brand and Media Planning Services.




About Liz

Liz Robertson is a Brand and Media Planning specialist with over 12 years experience working for FMCG Brands, Television Networks and Publishing. She is co-author of the upcoming Brand Handbook Training Series available Q4 2017.