At Agency-R We’re motivated by the people and organisations that we work for. We love to see businesses succeed and we want to share our experience with you and your teams.

Agency-R is an independent Brand Consultancy founded by Nigel Reyes (Airbus, Air New Zealand, Sigfox). Our specialism lies in our ability to adapt to the different needs of small, medium or large organisations and deliver value that precisely meets your requirements or phase of growth.

Our services include initial Brand Auditing to help you fully understand your competitive landscape and a collaborative approach to constructing and articulating your entire Brand Strategy. We design your visual identity, prepare your pre-production needs and manage your brand deployment. Simply, Effectively and Swiftly.



About Nigel Reyes

Nigel Reyes has previously held key Marketing & Communications positions across the globe in leading companies spanning the aerospace, airline, retail and Internet of Things (IoT) industries. Specialising in Brand Creation and Brand Management, Nigel now operates an independent consultancy based in France and New Zealand. Published author and event speaker for over 7 years, Nigel directs the creative vision of Agency-R.


About Liz Robertson

Liz Robertson is a Brand and Media Planning specialist with over 12 years experience working for FMCG Brands, Television Networks and Publishing. She is co-author of the upcoming Brand Handbook Training Series available Q1 2019.

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About Ruth Royale

An award-winning journalist, media presenter and author with a nomadic lifestyle and a penchant for biting wit and sizzling stories. Ruth is Executive Copywriter and Senior Editor at Agency-R, specialising in Short and Longform, Advertising Copy and developing Brand Communication campaigns for our clients.