Agency-R in Dublin for OFFSET 2018

Clearly established as one of the most important Creative & Design Industry events in the world – and with the charm of Dublin to boot – what more could one ask for?

Agency-R will be touching down mid-week in Ireland to participate in the exciting and festive extravaganza known as OFFSET Dublin 2018.

With a maximum of the best industry talent, freelancers, design students and creative individuals all in one place, there has never been a better time to seek out future collaborations and novel directions for innovative communication and artistic expression.

CEO and Senior Partner at Agency-R, Nigel Reyes, is also Creative Director for many of their international campaigns spanning the globe.

“What I am certainly looking forward to is the opportunity to explore the post-brexit era dynamic and establishing new collaborative opportunities with top Irish and International talent. As a global agency, we have partnerships and collaborative projects as far afield as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, France and the U.S.A.. The time has come to re-evaluate where we are with regards to hiring forward-thinking talent and giving back to the design community in any way we can”. 

Get the low-down on what we will be up to, book a slot with one of our team, or simply have a chat over a few beers if you’re in the vicinity. Right here, right now: