World renowned copywriter joins AgencyR

Hong Kong – 12 March 2018

Agency-R is pleased to announce our new partnership with maverick author Ruth Royale who will be joining us in the role of Senior Editor and Executive Copywriter.



Ruth Royale is a seasoned journalist, media presenter and recent author of the hugely successful “Fickshun” novel which she describes, in her own words, as “pure and utter filth for a post-feminist world”.


Forges Literary Magazine described the novel as “artfully delivered in a stream-of-consciousness style, taking the form of poetry, prose and gritty first-hand accounts. The novel dives deeply into numerous thorny and somewhat taboo issues affecting society today but still finds the guts to use parody, humour and sarcasm to great stylistic effect.”

Agency-R has always admired Ruth’s wit and charm and is thrilled to welcome her aboard to bolster our capacity to deliver Copywriting, Longform and Editorial content for an even wider range of customers.

In-keeping with her self-styled nomadic nature, Ruth will occupy a floating position between Agency-R offices, working with clients on select projects across our entire portfolio.

Agency-R is an independent Brand Strategy & Design Consultancy, dedicated to the pursuit of brand excellence for all of its clients. Our work spans the design & deployment of exceptional brand identities across the globe.

Ruth Royale‘s “Fickshun” is available right now for download on Amazon. Hardcover and Special Silver Print Editions coming in Autumn 2018.


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